Here’s a list of some of the questions we’re asked most often.

How long can I keep a product frozen before I need to use it?

6 months

Are hotdogs, smokies, and smoked sausage pre-cooked?

Yes, they can be warmed to your taste.

What temperature should my ham or fresh pork reach to be edible?

165 degrees

Where do our hogs come from?


What type of products do we produce?

Pork, chicken, turkey, beef

Where can you find our products?

You can find our products in most every supermarket in the 15 southeastern states.

If a store doesn’t carry a particular product where can I get it?

Ask the store manager to order it.

Do our products contain MSG or any additives such as Soy Protein?


Can you buy product online?

At this time this option is not available.

If my product is near the expiration date what should I do?

Use the product as soon as possible or freeze.

Is my product still good even if it is out of date?

Yes, but it still should be used as soon as possible or put in the freezer.